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Madeline + Carson

Wildflower Studios


Our last wedding of the year, on the last Saturday of the year! The Shrode's are probably still thawing from the cold they braved as we stepped outside of Fricano's to take their wedding portraits. 

Drapery and sparkles, the place looked incredible. The ladies got ready at the Shoreline Inn and we traveled over to the venue to prepare for their ceremony. 

Naturally, I head over a little early and took a sharp turn to see this potential shooting spot. It must have slipped my mind that we just had about a foot of snow here in Muskegon and that I drive a toaster-sized vehicle. Immediately stuck, a large group of gentlemen come to push me out. 

"are you the groomsmen", I ask in horror and hope...
to which they replied..."are you the photographer?" 

Nothing beats a first impression! 

Thank you both for having us. We wish you an eternity of happiness and love.